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What Does Thick Water Truly Taste Like?

"Thick water," which is water that has been thickened to a specific consistency using commercial thickeners, doesn't (or shouldn’t) have a distinct flavor. The process of thickening water doesn't typically involve adding any flavorings or ingredients that would alter its taste. As a result, thickened water should taste very similar to regular water, but with a thicker texture.

However, it's important to note that while the taste might remain similar, the texture of thickened water is obviously quite different from regular water. The thickening process changes the mouthfeel and how the liquid moves and behaves in the mouth, making it less runny and easier to control for individuals with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). Different thickening powders or gels should have specific instructions for usage, including recommended amounts for achieving different levels of thickness.

Keep in mind that the taste experience can be subjective, and some individuals might notice differences in i.e. flavor or enjoyment due to the texture change. Additionally, some people might find that the sensation of thickened water affects their overall perception of its taste and find it unappetizing or gross. This usually results in individuals drinking less and all the more reason to find alternative ways for you or your loved one to find ways they might enjoy drinking such as a product like Naturally Thick. In the past the primary focus is often on the safety and ease of swallowing, rather than the taste or texture for individuals with dysphagia, which could be just as equally detrimental. Items that are already curated to have an intentionally thick texture, appealing mouthfeel and tasty (like Naturally Thick) might just be a better alternative.

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