Humming Bird Drinking Nectar From Orange Flower

Everyone needs to find their nectar - some need it a little thicker.

  • Thick

    Every batch hand-tested by Naturally Thick personnel to ensure IDDSI** level 4 compliance, applicable for IDDSI levels 0 - 4.

  • Delicious

    Tastes like the real fruit and nuts it’s made of - smooth texture, never chalky!

  • Whole foods

    REAL fruit, REAL nuts, naturally vegan, no supplements or additives to unnaturally alter your metabolism or medication levels. As well as Gluten-free.

  • Nutritional

    Calorie and protein dense! With key ingredients providing a natural source of vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes to power you through the day!

  • Convenient

    Reach into the fridge for instant enjoyment - no need to mix in thickeners, additives or water!

Sliced Mangos On Green Cutting Board


One of the top ingredients in our Mango beverage? You guessed it--mangos! Mangos (Mangifera Indica L.) are known as the "king of fruit," and for good reason. They are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes to assist in digestion. Most importantly, they're delicious!

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Sliced Strawberries


What if we said there was a small delicious red fruit that could improve your complexion, reduce inflammation, and deliver you vitamins, potassium, and important antioxidants all in one go? You might want some, and you might be happy to hear these little guys are one of the main ingredients in our naturally thick strawberry beverage.

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