Our Story

Our founder, Lia Duffy, has worked in the food industry for well over a decade. She has been involved in new product identification for large vendors, food research, marketing, and sales.  Observing loved ones’ experiences with dysphagia and exploring the gravity of this problem for millions of people worldwide, she identified an unacceptable deficiency in delicious foods/beverages catered to servicing individuals with dysphagia.  This sparked an interest in developing a novel tasty, convenient, nutrient-dense, and naturally thick beverage for a broad range of the dysphagia-afflicted community to enjoy.  Why shouldn't there be options for food enjoyment for everyone, especially those in need of the optimal fuel to battle/overcome a range of health conditions?

Our beverage products have been evaluated by consulting speech-language pathologists (SLPs), dietitians, and other experts in the medical community. As well as, FDA compliant. Each batch is tested to ensure it qualifies with the IDDSI (IDDSI.org) Level 4 testing such that levels 0-4 are able to enjoy this beverage.